Performance Improvement Diagnostic

Senior managers need to understand how their operations, support processes and functions are performing today versus their future potential performance.

It is important to do this in a rapid, efficient and effective way without boiling the ocean. A well run diagnostic leads to early identifiable areas of improvement that form high level, larger scale imperatives or hypotheses. It also builds focus through prioritisation to enable further development of improvement ideas and implementation planning.

Performance improvement diagnostics can vary from two to six weeks in duration depending on scope, case team and client resourcing.

Indigo Bridge approaches a typical performance improvement diagnostic using the following process:

  • Baseline diagnostic, build the fact base for how things are done today using financial, operational and organisational data.
  • Identify performance gaps, understand how current performance compares with potential performance.
  • Determine the economic value of closing the gap and reaching full performance, calculate the size of the benefit and begin setting targets.
  • Develop high level improvement hypotheses, describe what must be done to deliver value.
  • Prioritise the improvement effort to focus on the areas that have the best chance of delivering the greatest value and are consistent with business strategy.

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