Joining Indigo Bridge

We apply a rigorous process to make sure that we are the right fit for each other. We encourage you to be yourself and challenge you to strive to be your best during the recruitment process.

Recruitment Process

Our recruitment process involves several case study interviews that are designed to assess your fit with the Firm.

Initial screening of a candidate’s resume is conducted and may also involve a phone interview or a face to face meeting.

The case study interviews are designed to evaluate an individual’s ability to solve problems using logic, structure, data and information and if needed some imagination. It also evaluates less technical areas that are crucial in consulting such as communication, presentation skills and interpersonal skills. The interview also provides the candidate with the opportunity to evaluate the firms fit with their own work style and career aspirations.

For experienced consulting candidates there is also a strong focus on engagement and client management experience and business development capabilities.


Please send your resume to [email protected]. All resumes are treated confidentially and in accordance with the firm’s privacy policy. Please refer to our Privacy Policy.