Implementation Management

Transformation programs are characterised by the need to rapidly implement change, realise benefits early while managing a large number of initiatives. Improvement targets are reached by the accumulation of benefits across a range of workstreams and initiatives.

We approach implementation with a view that sound governance, an appropriate program structure and clear financial management, KPI tracking and communication processes form the foundation.

Refer to Strategic Implementation for an overview of these areas.

Beyond program setup we work closely with management teams to prioritise and plan the implementation of initiatives and validate that initiatives and programs are delivering results.

Initiative Prioritisation

We use a logical set of criteria with the appropriate level of commercial judgement, we consult with experts in operational and support areas to understand the effort required to implement initiatives. We try to avoid using labels such as “quick wins” or “low hanging fruit”. Our focus is to establish a program that is both fact based and practical with clarity in terms of timing of benefits and the risks to realising benefits.

Implementation Planning

We define expected economic benefits, KPI targets and timing of milestones early in the initiative development cycle. At implementation planning we finalise the benefits, performance targets and milestones and where possible institutionalise these into budgets and performance targets for business units and operation centres.

Recruiting an initiative owner who has the skills and resources to implement an initiative is critical to success. During the planning stage we finalise initiative owners and assist with structuring the working team that will implement the initiative. This means aligning performance objectives and incentives with initiative goals and ensuring this is reflected in performance reviews.

Review & Validate

We help clients put the mechanics in place to review the status of milestones and KPIs. Once initiatives go live our emphasis is on putting “money in the bank”, realising the benefits and ensuring that true value is recognised. Underpinning this is a focus on solving problems either in reaching implementation milestones or performance targets. We place a great emphasis on learning from implementing and ensuring that knowledge is fed into other initiatives and the wider program.

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