Business Strategy

Indigo Bridge brings structure and analytical capabilities to the table and we work with your corporate and business unit teams to develop commercially sound and implementable strategies

Our Strategy Services

We recognise that clients have a range of needs for strategic advice and require assistance planning and implementing their business strategy.

  • We offer strategic development across Corporate, Business Unit and Functional levels.
  • We help clients work through the practical aspects of strategic planning and implementation.
  • We adopt a flexible approach and tailor our services to suit where clients are in the strategy development cycle. Our engagements can range from light, short and sharp assignments to more intensive longer term engagements.
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Our Methodology

Our methodology helps our clients answer a number of key questions that are critical to developing and implementing a successful strategy.

  • What is the attractiveness of the market or industry in which your business competes?
  • What is the real competitive position of your business and what is your relative competitive advantage?
  • Do you understand how to implement your chosen strategy and do you have the capability to successfully implement your strategy?
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