The Indigo Bridge Story

Indigo Bridge is a metaphor for strategy and transformation, the two pillars that are inextricably linked and ultimately lead to significant and sustainable improvement in performance.

In the 1660s Isaac Newton shone a narrow beam of light through a prism unravelling a spectrum of coloured light. Newton recognised the primary colours of red, yellow, green and blue. Newton also saw familiar colours of violet and orange and a seventh less familiar colour that he named Indigo after Indigo dye that was imported from India during the 15th century.

Indigo represents the Firm’s focus on strategy. Strategy is like Isaac Newton’s pivotal experiment that discovered Indigo light. Strategic thinking is the process of discovery by breaking down problems into components, understanding the current state of play, formulating and testing hypotheses and exploring possible future directions for an organisation.

Bridge represents the Firm’s commercial focus on transforming an organisation from its current position to a future competitive position. Like a bridge that enables travel across rugged and difficult terrain or bodies of water so is the process of transformation. The components needed to construct a bridge; processes, systems, teams of people and sheer hard work are also required to transform an organisation.

Indigo Bridge Logo represents the brand values of strategy, transformation and boutique client relationships.

The two key elements are the indigo prism that represents the Newton experiment and symbolises the Firm’s focus on strategy and the abstract suspension bridge that characterises the Firm’s focus on transformation. The prism illuminates the bridge which symbolises the linkages between strategy and transformation.

The solid beam below the prism represents the deck of the bridge which symbolises the fostering of strong client relationships by providing the support, strength, guidance and leadership to our clients.