Corporate Strategy

Creating value from a portfolio of businesses is the challenge presented to many corporate executive and strategy teams.

In practice many corporations have evolved over a period of time and quite often through opportunistic expansion into new businesses. This may present management with a number of complications that result from poor selection of business units and issues with coordinating their portfolio.

Indigo Bridge works with corporate management teams across four key areas.

The Role of the Corporate Centre

We work with corporate teams to develop the appropriate role for corporate management. This often depends on the degree of integration between business units and the nature and type of leadership required to manage the corporate portfolio.

Management of the Portfolio

We identify the best value creating corporate strategy for our clients by focusing on their capabilities and skills to extract value from their portfolio and the value creation opportunities that are present for each business unit.

Restructuring Opportunities

Important to corporate management is the current market value of the corporation compared to the value from improvements or major restructuring. We value a portfolio under a number of scenarios or situations to identify specific restructuring opportunities. This identifies opportunities for divesting or spinning off business units or realizing value from underutilised or inefficiently run operations.

Strategic Management Capabilities

The foundation of a successful corporate strategy is grounded on the strategic management capabilities and practices of the corporate team. Often corporate teams are financially focused with less consideration for the external environment. We work with corporate teams taking them from an inward looking perspective to a market and competitor focused outlook.

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