Industry Studies

We offer our thinking on the important issues that matter most to CEOs, Boards and senior managers. Our unique perspectives on how we expect industries to evolve are based on our experience working with business leaders across a range of industries.


Independent Foodservice

The Potential of Independent Foodservice Operators: A Roadmap for Food Manufacturers

We explore the challenges and opportunities of the independent operator segment and propose several strategic recommendations for food manufacturers who want to compete and succeed in this segment.

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The Plant-Based Meat Industry

Becoming as Good as Meat: Succeeding in the Plant-Based Meat Industry

As the meat industry focusses on keeping carnivores with more health aligned and sustainable products, the ultimate challenge for the plant-based meat industry is to become a genuine competitor and not just another food category.

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The Changing FMCG Industry

Surviving the Consumer Revolution: Remaining Competitive in the Changing FMCG Industry

Will your FMCG firm survive the consumer revolution? Our industry study examines the change, challenges and opportunities in today’s FMCG market.

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Mid-Tier Construction Market

Onwards and Upwards: Finding a Competitive Edge in the Mid-Tier Construction Market

There is a way forward for mid-tier construction firms willing to evaluate their positioning and strategy. Focusing on the three pillars of competitive advantage is central in this re-evaluation.

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