Indigo Bridge applies it’s expertise across industries that are undergoing transformational change in the way competitors, suppliers and customers behave

Consumer Products

Consumers continue to use digital commerce to purchase a range of products while demanding more transparency in their interaction with companies. Cost pressures, limited shelf space in major supermarkets and the threat from new business models will challenge many local consumer product companies.

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Financial Services

The Australian financial system continues to perform well with the return on equity for each of the major banks exceeding 15%. Over the long term the major banks face a number of challenges including pressures on cost-to-income ratios and disrupting technologies that will impact banks across the value chain.

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Private Equity

Once seen as corporate raiders, Private Equity firms are now important contributors to the economy. The challenge for the industry is to work alongside large scale investors such as super and sovereign funds and to focus on strategic growth and intrinsic performance improvement in the businesses acquired.

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Property & Construction

The Construction Industry faces challenging times into the next decade with the continued scaling back of investment in residential building and heavy industry projects. This will be partially offset by growth in commercial, industrial and institutional construction and over the longer term by growth in road, highway and transport construction.

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Increased competition amongst first tier telcos and consolidation between second tier telcos will continue to drive the telecommunications market. Over the longer term with the shift to IP networks for telecom services, significant changes are expected to strategies and business models that will threaten incumbent players.

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The utility industry is facing the prospect of transformational change over the next decade with technology developments, changing customer behaviour and climate change shaping the future of the industry.

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