What We Look For

We work on the philosophy that a clear strategy together with the right planning, focus, rigour and problem solving capabilities will deliver significant and sustainable improvement in organisational performance.

We believe this is what brings success to organisations. We look for a range of competencies in consultants who share our vision, philosophy and our way of working.

Superior Problem Solving and Analytical Skills

Strong ability to breakdown problems into smaller logical components. To identify and prioritise the areas and levers that will result in significant improvements.

  • Confirm and test ideas and hypotheses with multiple sources and stakeholders
  • Solve problems both analytically and innovatively, seek alternative solutions to problems
  • Use imagination and creativity to bring in new ideas and thought models

Drive and Focus to Achieve Results

A high degree of energy, passion and enthusiasm to work with organisations. A single minded focus to achieve measurable value for clients.

  • Commitment and focus to guide and lead clients
  • Rigour and discipline to achieve sustainable improvements for clients
  • An entrepreneurial spirit across client engagements and the development of the firm

Commercial and Practical Judgement

Insight and experience to understand the commercial realities faced by clients and a business mindset to bring recommendations to operational reality.

  • Commercial judgement and maturity when making recommendations and implementing change
  • 80/20 approach to analysing problems, making decisions based on available information
  • Learning from experience, providing feedback to clients and the firm IP

Interpersonal Skills

An ability to work across diverse cultures, business settings and organisational levels. To work with people on a personal level.

  • Superior communication and presentation skills
  • Passion and commitment to coach individuals and teams
  • An ability to develop long term relationships with clients and to act as a trusted advisor