Business Transformation

Indigo Bridge views transformation as a true partnership with your organisation and one where we instil the rigour and problem solving capabilities to create lasting improvement

Our Transformation Services

Transformation can be a lengthy, complex and intensive process which requires strong commitment, communication and motivation from your organisation. Our belief is that substantial and sustainable improvements often require significant changes across an organisation’s value chain.

  • We offer a suite of services that help create substantial and lasting improvement in performance.
  • We work with organisations who are in financial distress and have an urgent need to turnaround their business.
  • We assist organisations structure and manage programs to implement transformational change.
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Our Methodology

Our methodology brings together the spectrum of disciplines that are required for successful transformation.

  • We use a rigorous fact based approach to identify potential improvements and to quantify the economic value of each opportunity.
  • We work with clients to ensure that the set-up is right and is supported by the appropriate accountabilities, sponsorship and leadership and key milestones and targets are clearly defined.
  • We instill validation of initiatives and insist on learning and problem solving.
  • We assemble and coach client teams in the capabilities that are fundamental for organisation transformation to be successful.
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