Our Methodology

Our methodology is based on a rigorous and structured approach and focusses on a number of key elements.

1. Understand the Client’s most critical issues

We define the problem upfront and understand the basic questions that need answering. We develop the right perspective and context, engage with the key decision makers and define the constraints and boundaries of the engagement. During the engagement we regularly review and refine our understanding and scope of the problem.

2. Address each Client’s problem on its merits

Every organisation is different therefore we don’t bring a one size fits all approach. Frameworks and thought models help with structure, however, the best outcomes are created when internal experts are consulted, views from experts in the industry are also considered and experiences from other industries are explored.

3. Adopt a macro external view of the market or industry

We begin with understanding the current competitive position. What is really critical to us is to understand the future competitive environment. Therefore, we rapidly move to focus on assessing the industry dynamics and potential market evolution and critical in this view of the future is assessing competitor conduct and strategies.

4. Understand the capabilities required to compete

Our view is that sustainable competitive advantage is capability driven. We work with our clients to help formulate the strategic options that are available to them based on their current capabilities, the capabilities they can develop organically or the capabilities they can acquire at a justifiable economic value.

5. Reflect the commercial realities of each Client’s business

The best thought out strategies often fail to deliver. We work with our clients to understand how implementable their strategic options are. We evaluate the extent of the organisational change required including the capacity to manage the programs of work, any government or regulatory constraints, other stakeholders of influence such as unions and the availability of capital in the market.

6. Create buy-in of recommendations

Creating buy-in is intrinsic in how we approach a client’s engagement from day one. We work with our clients to establish ownership of recommendations early in the engagement. In practice this is about involving client teams in the strategic development and formulation and investing in communication early in the piece. The communication may be across a range of forums from one-on-one, workshops to broader meetings or leadership and board presentations.