Strategic Review

Reviewing strategy is necessary to ensure that the current strategy is working as planned and that the strategic plan remains relevant in the light of any changes in competitor, supplier or customer behaviour.

Indigo Bridge focuses on two distinct approaches to strategic review.

Strategic Audit

How well an organisation has defined, planned and implemented their strategy will determine the performance that the leadership team expect. In situations when strategy is unclear or not delivering the expected performance we assist clients to examine their vision and strategy.

Our approach is based on a series of questions that examine:

  • Management’s understanding of the mission, vision and objectives of their organisation
  • Management’s understanding of the current strategy and competitive position
  • The extent and maturity of the strategic management capabilities in the organisation
  • Governance and implementation planning capabilities in the organisation

Strategic Iteration Planning

An organisations may need to review its strategy for two reasons:

  • To make changes that reflect knowledge gained during implementation
  • In response or anticipation of changes in the market

We assist clients to work through the process of modifying and updating their strategy. Often this requires a sharper more rapid approach to strategic formulation and implementation. The scope of such engagements will depend on the individual situation of each client.

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