Strategic Implementation

Strategic programs are characterised by the size, financial impact and organisational reach of initiatives. For this reason planning for implementation requires the focus and support of senior management with strong governance oversight.

Indigo Bridge focuses on five key areas that are critical to the successful implementation of strategic programs.

Governance & Program Structure

We help clients setup the best governance structure for their organisation. In our view corporations with diversified or autonomous business units need to have the core of their governance process and program management at the business unit level. For corporations with synergies across business units, management styles and preferences will often determine the governance and program structure.

Strategic Initiative Planning

A strategic program of work that can deliver expected outcomes within an acceptable time frame requires a robust planning process. Often resources are limited and therefore we help clients ensure that execution is clear and initiative prioritisation follows a logical set of criteria with the appropriate level of commercial judgement. This is supported by performance measures and targets that are aligned with strategic measures and objectives.

Refer to Implementation Management for more detail.

Financial Management

We assist clients to bed down the financial measures that define a successful strategy. We ensure that the relationship between return on capital, revenue, costs and assets deployed is clear. If required, we work closely with finance and management teams to ensure that finance and operating budgets encompass the outcomes from strategic initiatives and there is a robust management reporting process in place.

Communication Planning

Strategic changes need to be communicated to all levels of an organisation, with particular attention paid to areas that were not involved in the strategy development process. We therefore invest in communication as early as possible, initially during strategy development and continue this through implementation. Underlying this process is a clear communication plan that identifies the audience, method of communication and timing.

Monitor & Control

We setup the validation process when we scope the strategic initiatives and refine the measures and targets during initiative planning. We assist clients to develop the tools to monitor execution against planned milestones and to measure performance against financial and operational targets.

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