Functional Strategy

Strategy at a functional and value chain level is often overlooked by managers as commercial demands dictate a closer focus on immediate operational improvements.

Developing a strong competitive position requires understanding the sources of competitive advantage across the value chain. Our approach investigates the links between business strategy and five key levers; processes, systems, organisation capabilities, workforce policies and configuration of operations. We work with business unit managers to identify the areas for development that will create a competitive advantage for their organisation.

Distribution Strategy

Channel mix and network configuration forms the basis of most distribution strategies. We focus on the following levers when helping clients develop or improve their distribution strategy:

  • Channel mix, the best model for online and physical channels including the design of physical networks.
  • Processes and systems to efficiently transport and warehouse products.
  • Salesforce capabilities that effectively and efficiently sell goods and services.

Manufacturing Strategy

Manufacturing strategy is driven by product strategy and design. We focus on the following levers when helping clients develop or improve their manufacturing strategy:

  • Product strategy, understanding current product lifecycles and new product development.
  • Product design and how this drives manufacturability, serviceability and standardisation.
  • Make or buy decisions, what should be the focus of manufacturing operations.
  • Configuration and location of plants including operating balance and linkages with other plants and operations.
  • Process design, uniformity of operations and opportunities to automate.

Sourcing Strategy

See Strategic Sourcing Transformation

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