Business Unit Strategy

The real focus at a business unit level is concerned with developing and sustaining competitive advantage in the markets in which the business competes.

The challenge for business unit managers is twofold. Firstly, to understand the dynamics and evolution of their markets to an appropriate commercial level that gives reasonable certainty on the strategic direction of their business. Secondly, to develop or acquire the capability and build the delivery system to create sustainable competitive advantage.

Indigo Bridge approaches strategy formulation for a single business unit across five distinct phases.

Define the Mission, Vision and Objectives for the Business

This starts with defining how success will be measured in terms of quantitative and qualitative targets and the timeframe to achieve success. We help clients to translate this into a story for the vision and mission of the business that can be communicated to the whole organisation.

Understand the Current Competitive Position

We assist clients to understand their current performance against competitors and help them create and instill a strong sense of purpose and urgency for change.

Assess the Market Dynamics and Evolution

We focus on understanding the future growth drivers of supply and demand and the potential shocks or disruptions that may impact the market. We work closely with our clients to analyse how this may change the structure of the industry, the intensity of competition and the overall attractiveness of the market.

Determine the Basis for Sustainable Competitive Advantage

We assess the capabilities required in terms of processes, systems, organisation capabilities, workforce policies and configuration of operations to develop a competitive advantage relative to other market players.

Develop and Select Strategic Options

We focus on the practical aspects of how to develop or acquire the capability to build competitive advantage. We use a rational fact base assessment along with commercial judgement to decide which options will deliver the maximum economic value.

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