The Changing FMCG Industry

Surviving the Consumer Revolution: Remaining Competitive in the Changing FMCG Industry

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) firms now sit within a landscape of unprecedented change and challenge. Incumbent firms face a future that looks vastly different from the environment in which they’ve operated over the last few decades.

Tech-savvy and inquisitive consumers are driving the change, keen to balance their three primary concerns: convenience, health and environment. These concerns are impacting how they buy, why they buy and what they buy. In recent times these requirements have been amplified, with higher consumer expectations in the post-COVID-19 world.

As FMCG firms navigate this new landscape, many are innovating and radically changing their business models to adapt. Other incumbents are realising they’re not changing enough – and are being left in a position of distinct disadvantage in the market.

In this industry study, we deep dive into the challenges facing FMCG firms and investigate how they can adapt to find a place of competitive advantage in the market.

Size of the Australian FMCG Industry
(Revenue FY2022 – $BN)

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