The Bigger Picture

We believe there is more to life than just consulting and using our talents to help non for profit organisations and charities is a meaningful way to assist the less fortunate

Contributing our services on a pro-bono or low-bono basis is our way of giving back to the community. By assisting non for profit (NFP) organisations improve their performance, funds can be re-focused in an optimal manner to help those in need.

The complexities faced by NFPs are not dissimilar to those faced by commercial organisations and can include:

  • Increased competition for philanthropic funding.
  • Lack of clarity of purpose and relevance in a crowded NFP marketplace.
  • Greater transparency and oversight demanded by benefactors and external agencies on how funds are used resulting in increased compliance costs.
  • Intense competition in the labour market to attract suitably qualified people.
  • Impact of economic downturn when the supply of funds may be scarce and declining and NFPs are operating in an environment where the need for assistance from clients escalates.

How We Help NFPs

NFP organisations need to be clear about their purpose and their goals and must operate in an effective and efficient way to ensure the maximum funds are used to service their clients.

We focus on the following areas.

Strategic Development and Planning

Specifically focussing on the vision and purpose for their organisation and putting the planning process in place to execute effectively.

Cost Improvement

Minimising the operating costs of the organisation while maintaining appropriate service levels to clients.

Continuous Improvement

Developing the tools and management processes to improve service delivery, quality and cost on an ongoing basis.