About Us

Indigo Bridge’s mission is to deliver dramatic improvement in performance by focusing on strategic development and transformational change

Indigo Bridge is a boutique management advisory firm. Our purpose is to help our clients achieve outstanding sustainable results, to create an extraordinary future for their business.

We advise CEOs, Boards and senior managers on all aspects of business strategy and performance improvement. Our philosophy is based on using a rigorous and structured approach, developing practical solutions and assisting our clients to implement. We believe that developing client teams is the cornerstone of business transformation, therefore we put in the time and effort to coach and develop our client’s people.

  • Our work is guided by this philosophy, whether it is developing strategy for a business unit or detailed hands on operational improvement. This philosophy is reflected in our brand, our culture and the way we work with clients.
  • Our principals have significant expertise in delivering large scale strategy and performance improvement initiatives and programs across a range of industries.
  • Our approach is to work alongside our clients to guide and lead them through their most challenging strategic and transformational initiatives. We bring a strong commercial focus with a “say it the way it is” approach which is supported by practical solutions with coaching and development of client teams.
  • Our ultimate goal is to assist our clients achieve real measurable success through delivery of sustainable results. Through our client’s success and a dynamic and entrepreneurial culture Indigo Bridge can continue to grow and thrive.

The Indigo Bridge Story

Indigo Bridge is a metaphor for strategy and transformation, the two pillars that are inextricably linked and ultimately lead to significant and sustainable improvement in performance.

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Our Philosophy

Our approach is to develop a clear picture of your organisation’s potential performance and to put planning, focus, rigour and problem solving capabilities in place to dramatically improve performance.

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Vision & Values

Our vision is to be a leading consulting firm across two related dimensions – to partner with clients to create and deliver an exceptional future and to grow our firm through a diverse, progressive and entrepreneurial environment.

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Our People

Indigo Consultants are talented, driven professionals who have a single minded focus to create and deliver profound and lasting improvements for organisations.

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The Bigger Picture

We believe there is more to life than just consulting and using our talents to help non for profit organisations and charities is a meaningful way to assist the less fortunate.

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