COVID-19 Update

April 2020

To ensure the health and safety of our staff, clients, their families, and the community, we have implemented changes in accordance with the National COVID-19 safe workplace principles and state government restrictions and guidelines.

Our extensive investment in cloud based and virtual office systems underpins our capability to work remotely, and to ensure physical distancing practices are met. All client engagements and internal programs are managed through Microsoft Azure based applications including Microsoft Office 365, Teams, Sharepoint, Exchange and Whiteboard. All data is stored and backed up on Australian located data centres.

Working From Home:

All staff are strongly advised to work from home (WFH) with the exceptions outlined under Physical Distancing Practices.

Staff will stay at home if they have any of the following symptoms: fever, cough, sore throat, or shortness of breath.

Physical Distancing Practices:

All engagements are structured and planned to maximise WFH and to limit the number of physical interactions between consultants and clients.

Exceptions to WFH include;

  • Visits to client offices and sites;
  • Operations based engagements that require consultants to be at a client’s site.

Where consultants cannot WFH, the following physical distancing practices are followed:

  • One person per 4 square metres in meeting rooms and workshops;
  • Keeping 1.5 metres between people;
  • Reducing the amount of close contact tasks.

Cleaning & Hygiene:

All staff are trained in how to wash their hands and correctly use alcohol based hand sanitizers.

Staff are required to:

  • Clean hands with soap and water or alcohol based sanitizers immediately before and after meetings, workshops or site visits;
  • Regularly clean all keyboards, touch screens, tablets, smart phones and desks with alcohol based wipes.

Additionally, our service office providers have implemented COVID-19 measures in accordance with state government guidelines.


Staff must self isolate (self quarantine) for 14 days if they:

  • Have COVID-19;
  • Suspect they have COVID-19;
  • Have been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19.

Staff that have COVID-19 must remain in self isolation until cleared by their doctor.

With these practices and measures in place we will continue to deliver quality advisory services to clients while keeping our staff and clients healthy.

Please Stay Safe.


March 2020

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is having a significant impact across Australia. With the preventative measures being taken in response to it, we anticipate organisations will face increased challenges and difficulties. At Indigo Bridge we remain acutely aware of the impact this is having, and may continue to have for the foreseeable future for our clients. We are taking a position of business as usual, whilst keeping abreast of the evolving direction from various authorities.

In spite of these challenges, as a firm we have substantial capacity to work remotely through our cloud based and virtual office systems. We will continue to deliver quality services to clients even in the face of severe restrictions similar to the ones we are currently facing.

Naturally, the health and safety of our staff, clients, their families and the community are of utmost importance. We will continue to work closely with our clients in a way that protects our staff, our clients and minimises the level of interruption.

The firm’s website and LinkedIn pages will provide updates in the coming weeks and months.

Privately and in business we are all experiencing unprecedented disruptions to our way of life. We wish you well through these challenging times.

Yours faithfully,

Theo Konstantopoulos
Managing Director