Our unique ideas, perspectives and understanding of client industries are captured in our insights

Indigo Bridge’s mission is to help our clients achieve outstanding and sustainable results. To this end we provide clients with proprietary thinking and insights that help them solve their most challenging strategic and operational issues.

Our Industry Studies are an in depth analysis of issues that are important to CEOs, Boards and senior management. Each study is based on our experience working with business leaders and gives our unique perspective on how we expect industries to evolve, as well as our insights on how firms can build competitive advantage.

Our best Ideas are brought together in short pieces to bring you up to speed on the latest in our client industries. These blogs are curated to give readers a snapshot of current topics that are at the top of the mind of business leaders.

Below is a selection of our most recent Ideas:

How to Win in an Increasingly Private Label World

In just six months, the number of Australians tending to buy private label (PL) groceries has jumped from 44% to 65%. With supermarkets enjoying an 8-10% premium on margins for PL products compared with branded products, this shift in consumer behaviour is something encouraged by supermarkets. For incumbent FMCG firms and boutique players, this change may not be so welcome.

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Industry Studies

We offer our thinking on the important issues that matter most to CEOs, Boards and senior managers. Our unique perspectives on how we expect industries to evolve are based on our experience working with business leaders across a range of industries.

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