THINKHub is the centre of excellence in the firm, providing the thought leadership and intellectual rigour that supports our advise to clients

Indigo Bridge’s mission is to help our clients achieve outstanding and sustainable results for their business. To this end we provide clients with proprietary thinking and approaches that help them solve their most challenging strategic and operational issues.

THINKHub is the firm’s centre of excellence that contributes to the thought leadership and intellectual rigour that supports the firm’s advice to clients.

THINKHub focuses on a number of key activities including:

  • Developing a deep understanding of client industries
  • Continuously gathering market intelligence and tracking client’s needs
  • Developing innovative approaches to solving client’s problems
  • Generating awareness of capabilities in important and emerging markets
  • Managing the knowledge and skills within the firm

Industry Studies

We offer our thinking on the important issues that matter most to CEOs, Boards and senior managers. Our unique insights on how we expect industries to evolve are based on our experience working with business leaders across a range of industries.

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